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Firecraft Series Barrel

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Firecraft Series Barrel | Oklahoma Joe's  | SHOWCASE | PRICE DROP | BUDGET FRIENDLY BBQ

Oklahoma Joe's® Firecraft Series Barrel Grill 


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Oklahoma Joe's® Firecraft Series Barrel Grill

Fire up your taste buds for flame-grilled BBQ from the Oklahoma Joe’s® Firecraft Series™ Barrel Grill, the grill that takes over-the-fire cooking to new heights.

With this innovative grill, you can sear a juicy steak over open flames while cooking veggies elevated above the fire for primal flavor you just can’t fake. So, gather your family and friends together to grill a delicious meal over an open fire, roast marshmallows and enjoy cozy conversation in the warm glow of the embers.

As you continue to elevate your skills and master the fire, you can expand your options with our Firecraft Series™ Accessories.


  • FIREBOX: Open firebox design for 360° access to stoke the fire without disturbing your food

  • FUEL: Live-fire allows for multi-use as fire pit, open-fire grilling, cooking station

  • SIZE: 3096cm2 (480-square-inches) of total cooking area; 1548cm2 (240-square-inches per) grill

  • GRILLS: Two round, heavy-gauge wire cooking grills provide durability with two 482mm (19-inch) stainless-steel elevation poles to set grates at different heights

  • FIRECRAFT ACCESSORIES: Accessory line for additional cooking options and tools to manage the smoke & fire (sold separately)

  • HANDLES: Twist-Lock handle releases grate to adjust and tightens to hold securely in place

  • SIDE SHELVES: Two modular side shelves provide ample space for food prep

  • TOWEL BAR: Two modular towel bars with tool hooks for convenient access to tools and towels

  • ASH PAN: Full-size, removable ash pan makes clean-up easy

  • DAMPERS: Dampers on both sides of the barrel to control airflow, heat and smoke

  • LEVELING FEET: Adjustable-height feet for increased stability on uneven surfaces

  • BOTTOM SHELF: Bottom shelf to keep extra wood or cooking utensils close-at-hand