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Those bits 'n' pieces that you need for your BBQ... we sell them too! BBQs Direct stocks a large range of Barbecue Parts that will fit various barbecue makes and models. ... Hot Plates and Grills, Burners, Heat Diffusers, BBQ Ignition kits, Knobs and more . ... We deliver Barbecue parts New Zealand wide

Hints and tips if you are looking for BBQ spare parts: Identify the part required: Hotplate? Grill? Burner? Flame Tamer? TAKE MEASUREMENTS - length, width etc and match to those we have featured on our website.

An increasing number of "home brand" BBQs sold by well known chain and big box stores throughout NZ, do not offer easily accessed replacement spare parts support for their BBQs. We cannot supply spare parts for these obscure and unsupported BBQ Brands.

Some brands such as BBQ Factory and Rinnai, have either liquidated or exited the BBQ business many years ago and as a result spare parts for these brands are no longer available.

We are not able to source any parts other than those available here on our site. If it's not here, we cannot get it.

For specific brand parts please refer to Spare Parts in the BBQ BY BRAND category