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ADX AutomaticThere are 4 products.

ADX Automatic
ADX - Maximum efficiency in heat storage. Suitable for replacing old and inefficient night store heaters - also popular in solar powered homes

• Especially designed for use during the off-peak period, GABARRÓN ADX storage heaters are the ideal solution for obtaining constant heat 24 hours a day.
• Static Storage systems release the heat continuously over 24 hours.
• ADX Storage Heaters release heat by natural convection in two different ways: a primary convection controlled by a top flap that releases hot air after the storage heater is charged and also a natural secondary convection that releases hot air 24 hours a day. This natural secondary convection is generated by the design of the machine allowing a constant release of heat without leading to additional energy costs. Storage heaters only consume energy during off-peak hours at night.
• Quick and easy installation, in new and old buildings, eliminates the risk of expensive alterations or modifications. They can be installed in a few hours.
• They do not require maintenance or annual servicing, providing a considerable saving over the years compared to other heating systems.