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Pit Barrel
There are many features that make the Pit Barrel the #1 Selling Drum BBQ in the US and the most versatile and best tasting cooker on the market. The ease and set and forget experience of using the Pit Barrel keeps BBQ'ing what it should be - Fun!

There is no stress or constant monitoring required, just fantastic results every time! Exprience why the Pit Barrel gets rave reviews all across the US, not just from its owners, but independent experts like who have voted it "top 10 - Best Value Backyard Smokers" - for 4 years straight!

The Pit Barrel® Cooker features a revolutionary design that goes beyond convection. Unlike traditional grills which cook food from a single, direct heat source, the Pit Barrel® Cooker’s cylindrical shape and “Hook-and-Hang” method places the food in the center of the action, heating the meat from all sides at once, producing consistently great-tasting, perfectly cooked meat every time.