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Ecombi PlusThere are 4 products.

Ecombi Plus
The Ecombi Plus Benefits:

• Charges the store overnight using low cost off-peak electricity.
• Elnurs exclusive “IEM” (Integral Energy Manager) includes a Smart Charge Control and automatically adjusts charging level to suit climate and demand on a daily basis.
• Three possible operating modes. With the Auto operating mode, maximum comfort and energy savings can be achieved with Ecombi SSH.
• Fully programmable. Built-in weekly and daily programmer with three level temperature selector:
• Comfort, Eco and Frost-protection.
• Internet controllable option. The G Control System has been incorporated in the IEM electronics to allow wireless control and operation of the storage heater from anywhere and at any time via an internet connection.
• Built-in balancing heating element to provide faster room warm-up times and supplement the stored heat as and when required.
• Open window detection function to reduce energy waste.
• Adaptive start control function to guarantee maximum comfort at the desired time.
• Temperature accuracy to within 0.1oC, resulting in less energy wasted from temperature setting overshoot.
• New LCD screen to show multiple information, including the current level of charge of the storage heater at any time

To simplify programming of the Ecombi, choose the WiFi option - for easier programming and contol of the heater from your phone App!