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Over 30 years ago, the wood-fire pellet grill revolution began with Traeger Grills. Today Traeger Grills are the #1 selling wood pellet grills in the world.

At BBQs Direct, we are proud to be your specialist Platinum Traeger Grill dealer. Platinum dealers offer the biggest selection of Traeger Grills carrying the Ranger, Pro Series, Ironwood and Timberline grills as well as fuel, sauces, rubs and accessories.

Customers from around Canterbury throughout the South Island rave about how much better their food tastes with the Traeger Grill they have purchased from BBQs Direct.

What makes Traeger the best grill? There are several reasons. Our BBQ enthusiasts agree that wood-fired flavor is what they love most about their Traeger grill, because it simply tastes better than charcoal or gas. Real wood, real flavor – every time.

With a Traeger Grill you can GRILL, SMOKE, BAKE, ROAST, BRAISE & BBQ Its 6-in-1 versatility allows you to cook hot and fast or low and slow. From baby back ribs to wood-fired pizza, smoky mac & cheese and even homemade apple pie.

Set it and forget it! With Traegers digitally controlled convection heating system, it simplifies wood-fired cooking, allowing for easy temperature settings, just like your oven. Plus he future of grilling has arrived with Traegers WiFIRE® technology. Control your grill from the couch, or on-the-go with the new WiFi controller that connects your smartphone to the grill via the Traeger App. Bring the true power to your fingertips.

Cook like a pro every time. Consistent temperature gives you consistent results, meaning you can craft food rather than tend to the fire. Traeger manages the temperature for you, cutting out a major variable in achieving consistent results.

The all-new Traeger Pro 575 & 780 grills just got better - with an enhanced controller that uses WiFIRE® technology. WiFIRE® allows you to monitor and adjust your grill anytime, anywhere from the Traeger app on your smartphone. Plus, with the brand-new D2® drive train, the Pro Series wifi pellet grills now start quicker, heat up faster, and put out better smoke quality giving you consistent results infused with wood-fired flavour.