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Meater Wireless Remote Thermometer

Meater Wireless Remote Thermometer | Meater Thermometers | Home

Meater Wireless Remote Thermometer

$229.99 (inc GST)


Meater Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

Achieve perfect and consistent results every time with the Meater - no wires, no fuss. Track your cooks wherever you are.

  • MEATER’s dual sensors monitor internal and ambient temperatures concurrently.
  • iOS and Android app lets you monitor cooks from afar.
  • Smart Guided Cook system walks you through every step of the cooking process.
  • 100% truley Wireless.  
  • No Wires No fuss.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Bluetooth and Wifi capable.
  • Monitor Ambient BBQ temp as well as the meats internal temp at the same time off one probe.
  • Estimates how long to cook.
  • Long Range over WiFi.
  • Meater Cloud monitoring from anywhere.
  • Works in spit roast setups - Finally no wires to get tangled in the spitroast!


  • 1x MEATER probe
  • 1x MEATER charger
  • 1x AAA battery


  • Stainless steel, water resistant, dustproof and easy to clean
  • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection up to 33 feet / 10 metres
  • Smoker/Kettle Grills: Up to 10 feet / 3 metres
  • MEATER Sense™: 2 temperature sensors in 1 probe
  • Maximum internal temperature sensor: 212°F / 100°C (meat)
  • Maximum ambient temperature sensor: 527°F / 275°C (cooker)
  • Rechargeable: Over 24 hours of continuous cooking
  • Dimensions: 130mm length and 6mm diameter


  • Stores and charges your MEATER probe
  • Magnetic backing: Attach anywhere
  • Charges MEATER up to 100 times with one AAA battery
  • Real wood to match any kitchen or outdoor decor
  • LED indicator to show battery level
  • Dimensions: 157mm L x 37mm W x 28mm H


  • iPhone and iPad apps for iOS 9 and later
  • Android app for versions 5.0 and later