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Deluxe 30 Built-In

Deluxe 30 Built-In | Built-In | Deluxe Series

Grandfire Deluxe Series 30" Built-In BBQ

$3,199.99 (inc GST)


Grandfire Deluxe 30" Built-In BBQ

Owning a Grandfire 30″ Deluxe means you will enjoy the sophistication and sleek finish of a BBQ crafted from the finest quality commercial grade stainless steel. If your demand for style must be matched by incomparable performance, only a Grandfire BBQ is capable of meeting your expectations.

The extra stunning Deluxe series 30" BBQ can be easily fitted into your own specially built area, constructed in high commercial grade stainless steel. 

  • double skin hood
  • electrical hot surface ignition system
  • stainless steel hotplate & grills
  • ceramic briquettes burner deflector
  • water proof lighted metal switch
  • in hood halogen lights
  • LED front lights
  • zinc cast chromed knob
  • rotisserie burner and kit
  • two position rotisserie system
  • zone dividers to regulate different temperatures
  • multi-position and stow away warming rack

  • Weight: 63kg
  • Cooking Area: 488mmD x 681mmW 
  • Warming Rack: 210mmD x 689mmW 
  • S/S Hotplate: 488mmD x 335mmW
  • S/S Grill: 488mmD x 346mmW - 9mm diameter rod
  • S/S U Burners: 25,118 BTU x 2


10 Years: Body, Hood and Cabinet

5 Years: Burners, Hotplates and Grills

2 Years: Valves, Ignitions, Diffusers

1 Year: All other parts