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Bio-Briq Briquettes

Bio-Briq Firewood Briquettes - 10KG

$9.99 (inc GST)


Bio-Briq compressed Beechwood Sawdust Firewood Briquettes - 10KG

The smart fuel, ideal for use in Braziers, Pizza Ovens and Wood Fires

Biobriq untreated compressed Beechwood briquettes burn cleaner, hotter and longer!

The briquettes are easy to light using firelighters or newspaper and are ideal for use on their own or combined with charcoal for a consistent heat.

BioBriqs are formed by a powerful hydraulic press, pushing beech wood sawdust through a form block. The heat produced from this action binds the molecules in the wood together forming a 100% natural briquette. No binding agents are used.

Easy storage: Bio-Briqs are uniform in size, taking up less than a quater the space of traditional firewood

Keep Dry: As compressed, dry wood, exposure to water greatly dimishes the efficiency of Bio-Briqs. They should be stored in a dry area, preferably inside the home, garage or shed.

Bag weight: approximately 10KG, bag contains 12 briquettes