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Gasmate 6 Burner BBQ Starter Kit

On sale
Gasmate 6 Burner BBQ Starter Kit | SPECIAL OFFERS | BBQ GEAR | Home

Gasmate 6 Burner BBQ Starter Kit: BBQ Cover, Rotisserie Kit and Roast Rack

On sale!
$59.99 (inc GST)

$135.97 (inc GST)


Gasmate 6 Burner BBQ Starter Kit

Includes a rotisserie, roasting rack and barbecue cover. 


* Slowly turns to evenly cook meat or poultry, basting in its own juices
* Enjoy moist, flavourful food
* Powered by 2 x D size batteries

Roasting Rack
* Quick and easy method of cooking meat or poultry on your gas barbecue
* Fats drain away for healthier cooking
* Ideally use with a roasting dish

Gas Barbecue Cover
* Quality lined cover with velcro securing tabs to protect your barbecue from the elements