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Ethos WoodfiresThere are 6 products.

Ethos Woodfires
Designed and manufactured in Christchurch, Ethos Woodfires represent the evolution of the wood fire as a clean and efficient heating solution.

Ethos Woodfires are unique in that they don’t draw their combustion air from the room being heated, or even from elsewhere in the dwelling. Combustion air is drawn from outside the home, down the outer section of the flue system. Perfect for modern airtight building designs.

The incoming air is pre-heated by the hot exhaust gases travelling up the centre of the flue system to over 300°C before entering the firebox, ensuring the complete and efficient burning of all wood, gas and smoke. Using combustion air from outside keeps your warm air inside the home and eliminates the uncomfortable drafts often caused by conventional flue logburners.

The patented Econ-Air direct vented flue system will not interfere with or be affected by other ventilation devices in your home, like extractor fans, range hoods, and home ventilation systems, reducing smoke blow back into the room, and wind noise.

Choose your bespoke colour at NO extra cost! We can now colour your Ethos Fire to any colour from Dulux Duralloy or Pacific colour charts. Make it match or make it contrast; the choice is yours!

Feel free to contact us to clear the air! We can help you find out what Clean Air Zone you are in and confirm what home heating rules apply in your zone.