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GrillEye® ProPlus Thermometer

GrillEye® ProPlus Thermometer | Grilleye Thermometers

GrillEye® ProPlus Hybrid Bluetooth and WiFi Grilling & Smoking Thermometer

$249.99 (inc GST)


GrillEye® ProPlus Hybrid Bluetooth and WiFi Grilling & Smoking Thermometer

The GrillEye® Pro+ intelligent Bluetooth and Wi-Fi thermometer provides unlimited range within your home wireless network and monitors the temperature of the roasting and grilling area.

GrillEye® Pro+ is a professional barbecue thermometer, which meets the highest standards for perfect roasting and smoking of your roasts!

The new and patented wireless connectivity pocket automatically switches between Bluetooth and WiFi, delivering optimal power management and unlimited reach to all Wi-Fi access points in your home.

It is equipped with a large 68.5mm screen, which is easy to read in all weather conditions, especially in direct sunlight.

It has a built-in Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) battery with 2500 mAH, which corresponds to a lifetime of up to 48 hours. GrillEye® Pro+ is charged via a charging cable (mini USB). The housing rotates and can be connected to the grill with the magnet base.

You can now monitor the temperatures of up to 8 probes (pins) at the same time. Detectors in the GrillEye® are the only ones that have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for safe food use.

Key Features

  • Made entirely in Europe
  • Approved FDA sensors
  • Auto Adaptive Display System - Adaptive Display System (ADS)
  • Wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (for extended range)
  • Unlimited range within the wireless network with wireless connectivity
  • Simultaneous connection of up to 8 temperature sensors
  • 68.5mm (2.7-inch) display, even legible under direct sunlight
  • 360 degree rotational viewing angle on the magnetic base
  • Powerful Li-Ion battery, 2500 mAH (up to 48 hours of operation)
  • Check apps on iOS and Android devices

The pack includes:

  • The GrillEye® Pro+ Thermometer
  • 2 x GrillEye® Stainless Steel Probes

The GrillEye® Pro can support up to 8 probes at a time.