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Ethos Genesis

Genesis 18kW Free Standing Fire

$2,999.99 (inc GST)


cosy home | clear air ... what's your ethos?

You’re ready for the cold season with the Genesis, featuring a removable top guard, exposing an area which can be used as a cooktop.

the benefits of the Ethos Woodfire:

  • significantly reduced chimney smoke emissions - a healthier environment for everyone
  • optimal heating efficiency - a more complete burn so you use much less fuel & SAVE MONEY
  • meets environmental and council regulations all over New Zealand
  • unique Econ-Air flue system sources combustion air from outside the home - eliminates cool drafts
  • multi-burn super-efficient firebox system literally burns its own gases and smoke
  • attractive - large viewing windows to bathe the room in a rich, soothing glow

MfE/Environment Canterbury Authorisation Number: 02010

Visit the Ethos Woodfires Website

Choose your bespoke colour at NO extra cost! We can now colour your Ethos Fire to any colour from Dulux Duralloy or Pacific colour charts. Make it match or make it contrast; the choice is yours!

COSY: The advantages of drawing combustion air from outside your home, down the patented Ethos Econ-Air flue system are numerous. No other woodfire offers this unique feature - and you benefit:

NO cool drafts in the room as is suffered with conventional log burners that take combustion air from inside your home. With an Ethos Fire you can comfortably sit barefoot on the couch and you don’t freeze your toes! 

Ethos fires are room sealed, so the warmed air simply stays in your home and is not re-circulated to feed combustion air to the fire or to ventilate the flue system.

The Ethos Econ-Air flue system super pre-heats the combustion air  - over 300°C – so that the fire literally burns its own smoke & gases and delivers dynamic advanced combustion in the firebox, squeezing much more heat from the firewood and leaving a lot less ash.

New, air tight homes are no problem for an Ethos Fire. The Ethos breathes easy and unaffected, unlike conventionally designed log burners that struggle to draw combustion air in these environments.

Ethos Fires are not affected by the use of range-hoods, extractor fans and other in home ventilation devices that deny a conventional log burner the combustion air it requires to burn effectively.

Estimated Peak Output: 18kW
Average Efficiency: 72%
Average Emission: 0.56 grams per kilogram
Average Emission/Power Output: 36 milligrams per megajoule 

Flue Diameter: 130mm
Fire Height: 745mm
Fire Width: 540mm
Fire Depth: 570mm

Firebox - The Ethos firebox, excluding all moveable parts is provided with a Fifteen Year Warranty from date of purchase against defects caused by faulty materials or manufacture

Other Parts - All other parts, including door seals, door glass, baffle, firebricks, air tubes and operating mechanisms are provided with a Twelve Month Warranty from date of purchase where a proven product defect is due to faulty materials or manufacture