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Turbo Series There are 2 products.

Turbo Series
Combining quality construction and break through design, the award winning Ziegler & Brown Turbo range is in a class of its own.

Innovative and technologically advanced, the Turbo features the exclusive Radiant Quartz Technology (RQT) burner system, for powerful and efficient barbequing

Radiant Quartz Technology:

Radiant infrared heat in the RQT burners is far more efficient at transferring heat to food than traditional convection gas flame systems.

How Does Radiant Quartz Technology Work? The RQT ceramic burner and quartz dome combination deliver better cooking results by increasing radiant heat and reducing convected heat. This has two big benefits. Firstly, food dries out less because there's a lot less hot air movement around it. Secondly, it's a lot more efficient because the heat is focused directly onto the food rather than wastefully heating the air around it, which escapes quickly.

The best firebox in the business:

Get better heat retention and the most consistent temperature control yet with the double skin firebox and hood in our Turbo Series.

The heart of any barbeque is the firebox. How well this is designed and built determines how efficient and durable the barbeque is. With the new Turbo, the fully welded, vitreous enamelled steel firebox has been completely re-designed and comes with a 10 year warranty. By fabricating the firebox and windshield into one piece, it makes for a much stronger, longer lasting frame.

Smart innovative design:

The Turbo Series’ ceramic burner and quartz dome combination delivers better cooking results by increasing
radiant heat and minimising unwanted flare-ups.