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Saber Grills
SABER®: the Premium Grill You Can Now Really Afford

What makes SABER the best value among premium grills? They deliver superior performance and all the features you want - for far less than other premium brands.

Every SABER grill uses their patented infrared technology and is made with the same premium materials and quality construction. No one combines performance, innovation and affordability like SABER.

Wide Temperature Range: high temp searing or add smoke flavour for low and slow roasting - grill any way you like
Easy To Use: electrodes at every burner for a reliable ignition system
Use 30% Less Gas: save money!
No Flare Ups: eliminate flare ups with the patented closed grate cooking system
Juicy and Tender Results: controls air flow away from food to lock in more natural flavours and juices
Fast, Efficient, Even Heat: ready to sear in 10 minutes - anywhere on the cooking surface