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Clima Digital Panel HeatersThere are 2 products.

Clima Digital Panel Heaters
Welcome to the new era of Home Heating. 2 different Heating Systems integrated in to one unique product.

The Clima digital heating panel is a beautifully designed and intelligent Heating Panel that produces a continuous soft heat. The Most Technologically Advanced Digital Electric heater available on the market.

The Clima digital dual-therm panel radiator has a discreet, elegant, sleek design to showcase in your home like an attractive part of your decor.

It features technology with an LCD screen that you can use to select the desired temperature with spot-on precision.

The radiator delivers gentle, diffused heat that has you feeling snug, cosy and comfortable. With the latest functions that help you reduce electricity consumption - keeping down the cost of your power bill!

Diffused & Cosy Heat. The Clima is a soft heat panel radiator that integrates radiant and convection with its unique Dual-Therm technology: 2 heating systems working together in a single unit.

The combination of Radiant and Convection heat will ensure continuous, even emission of heat, creating a pleasant and embracing sensation - without uncomfortable draughts or unwanted circulating air.