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Herschel Far Infrared HeatersThere are 14 products.

Herschel Far Infrared Heaters
Herschel is New Zealand’s leading brand of far infrared heaters and as such is well-represented at Heat Direct.

Designed to warm objects rather than the air surrounding them, infrared heaters provide immediate warmth that feels pleasantly like the sun.

But unlike sunlight, infrared red heat has no harmful UV rays. In fact, the health benefits are one of its greatest draws of infrared heating, because whereas heat pumps blow air around a room, infrared heaters are much gentler, neither removing moisture nor circulating the dust particles so troublesome for allergy sufferers.

Almost limitless design options are available, ranging from elegant mirror and coloured glass panels to printed picture panels that turn a heater into a work of art.

The outdoor range features weather-resistant heaters perfect for patios, pub gardens and warehouses.

All Herschel heaters boast top-of-the-range energy-efficiency and durability, so, whatever your project, we're sure to find you the perfect Herschel panel for you.