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Herschel Far Infrared HeatersThere are 14 products.

Herschel Far Infrared Heaters
Herschel Far Infrared Heaters are The Future of Heating. It's not hot air!

Infrared panels maximise your comfort, heating up fast and warming you directly with a natural heat which feels pleasantly like the warmth of the sun. Unlike sunlight, however, which includes harmful UV rays, infrared heat is a pure heat form using radiant heating which is entirely safe and has absolutely no health risks. The technology is used in health products and sauna's and even new-born baby incubators.

In fact, infrared heating carries many health benefits. Unlike heat pumps, which continually move air around the room, disturbing dust and reducing humidity levels, infrared is a gentle heating method which adds nothing and takes nothing from the air. This makes it the perfect heating solution for allergy sufferers because it keeps dust out of the air.

We stock Herschel heaters to suit almost every application: indoor or outdoor, commercial or domestic, for large or small spaces. The Herschel Select range provides basic panels for use throughout the home, including bathrooms. For designer heating, the Herschel Inspire range offers almost limitless design options: from elegant mirror and coloured glass panels to printed picture panels which make your heaters a work of art.

The outdoor range features weather-resistant heaters perfect for patios, pub gardens and warehouses.

All Herschel heaters boast top-of-the-range energy-efficiency and durability, so, whatever your project, we're sure to find you the perfect Herschel panel for you.