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Ethos Spare Parts

Ethos Spare Parts
Buy with confidence! Spare and replacement parts for Ethos wood fires.

During the lifetime of your wood fire you will need to replace various sacrificial parts: these include the top baffle plates, air tubes, fire bricks, glass retainers, glass seal & door seals etc. They are designed to be replaced as they will degrade over time. The life of these consumable parts will vary depending on;

Frequency of use
Rate of burn
Type and quality of fuel
Level of ash maintained in the fire
Care and maintenance

It is very important that you replace parts when they show signs of wear or damage. The heating efficiency and consumption of fuel may be affected if parts are not replaced and this could also cause damage to the firebox.

It will become obvious when a part should be replaced. The Stone baffle may split and the fire bricks will disintegrate. Fire bricks that are cracked but still remain in place are completely safe to use and only need to be replaced when they burn or fall out. A cracked fire brick may still last years of use.

Contact us if you cannot find the particular part you are looking for. Send us an email with pictures of the part and/or dimensions to assist with identification.