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BBQ: BARBEQUESThere are 2 products.

Change the way you Barbeque. You'll love the range of gear that we have selected.

Perhaps you've already looked a few over, been to the hardware or chain store, looked through the newspaper or maybe scanned dozens of websites. Maybe you've listened to a salesperson (If you can find one) tell you about cooking surfaces, BTUs, rotisserie burners, side burners, infra-red burners, gas, charcoal, stainless steel, enamel, powder coat and a whole lot more things you've never heard of - or still don't understand. Do they?

Very importantly what's their replacement parts back up like? We're aware of increasingly more brands distributed by well known retailers in New Zealand that are not supported with easily available replacement parts. Beware.

Do you choose the cheapest cost for the short term ... or the best long-term value (total life cost) - which in the long run is much cheaper. You get what you pay for – in most cases, BBQ’s are priced according to quality. Do your research, but if you want a quality grill that’s going to last a while, be prepared to pay for it.

We're big on BBQ's... & More. We're not about being all things for all people, we sell only BBQs that we would own or use ourselves - based on our personal criteria of robust and reliable construction and outstanding quality, innovative features and value for money. We import some products direct and we personally choose from reliable industry partners who we know and trust.

Take a look, and please contact us if you have any questions. We love to banter barbies!